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Spot 42
Libellenliebe (Love of the dragonfly)
(Flash Video 20 MB)
Spot 41
Our advice
Spot 40
(Flash Video 8 MB)
Spot 39
Flames of Passion.
(Flash Video 26 MB)
spoticon38 Spot 38
Who is it?
spoticon37 Spot 37
convex and concave
(Java Applet)
spoticon36 Spot 36
A hysterical wallpaper.
spoticon35 Spot 35
Wipe them out mentally.
spoticon34 Spot 34
Rotation of symmetrical and asymmetrical letters.
spoticon33 spot 33
Look at the rotating afterimage and see how the coloured spots disappear.
spot 32
With a new adaptor for digital mirror reflex cameras small moving objects can be photographed stereoscopically.
spoticon 31 spot 31
Observe the directions in which the flowing stripes move.
(Java Applet 24 kB)
spoticon30 spot 30
A phantom colour puzzle from blelb.
(Java Applet 40 kB)
spoticon29 spot 29
Learn more about the Hermann Grid
and Scintillation Effect
spoticon28 spot 28
Experiment with the grey-scale illusion.
(Java Applet 64 kB)
spoticon 27 spot 27
Squint at stereo pictures of
the small sculptures of H. P. Weberhans.
spoticon 26 spot 26
How do the circles move? Change their speed.
(Java Applet 40kB)
spoticon 25 spot 25
Examine the curve effect.
(Java Applet 32 kB)
spoticon 24 spot 24
Experiments with words and numbers
(Java Applet 34 kB)
spoticon 23 spot 23
Test wich 3-dimensional interpretations
are preferred by your brain.
(with QuickTime Movie 37 kB)
spoticon 22 Spot 22
Test your feel for time with
(with Flash Movie 22.5 kB)
spoticon21 Spot 21
Decipher fragments of text
with the Camouflage-Applet
spoticon20 Spot 20
Look at interactive applets with 5 attacks on a red square.
(Java Applets and GIF-Animations)
spoticon19 Spot 19
Experiment with the principle of figure and ground.
(Java Applet)
spoticon18 Spot 18
Experiment with the moiré effect of vertically lined grids.
(Java Applet)
spoticon17 Spot 17
Look at an interactive applet of the Muensterberg-Illusion.
(Java Applet)
spoticon16 Spot 16
Dim one eye with a filter and watch 3-D
(Java Applet)
spoticon15 Spot 15
The "Salad Days" Sculpture: Time is transformed into space.
(with QuickTime Movie 60 kB)
spoticon14 Spot 14
Practise looking cross-eyed at stereo pictures with an interactive squinting game.
(Java Applet)
spoticon13 Spot 13
One of our commissions - an artist's portfolio.
spoticon12 Spot 12
Documentation of an exhibition with stereo pictures to squint at.
spoticon11 Spot 11
Learn to go cross-eyed and gain insight into the pictorial possibilities of stereoscopy.
spoticon10 Spot 10
Documentation of a winning competition entry for art in public spaces.
spoticon09 Spot 09
Experiment with the color assimilation effect. [Java Applet]
spoticon08 Spot 08
Watch how colors change as a result of geometrical change. [Java Applet]
spoticon07 Spot 07
Observe spatial illusion and color effects on three identical strips.
[Java Applet]
spoticon06 Spot 06
Examine the role of different parameters in a grid illusion.
[Java Applet]
spoticon05 Spot 05
Play with the spreading effect of the neon illusion.
[Java Applet]
spoticon04 Spot 04
Experiment with the 24 possible combinations of 4 colour elements and their proportions. [Java Applet]
spoticon03 Spot 03
Documentation of a commission for two installations on "hearing" and "seeing".
[with QuickTime Movie 153 kB]
spoticon02 Spot 02
A Movie about the fascinating journey to "Schlaraffenland". Space is transformed into time. [QuickTime Movie 1.1 MB]
spoticon01 Spot 01
Discover the interplay of different colours, their dependencies, their correlations, symmetries and diversities. [Java Applet]
spoticon00 Spot 00
Find out what «blelb» means and see if you can see blelb